💥 Introducing the new standard in USD stablecoin savings

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Are you looking for a way to earn interest on your USD stablecoins? If so, you should check out Ledn's USD stablecoin Growth Accounts!

Today, we’re bringing our new dual account structure to USD stablecoins with the launch of our USDC Growth Account. We believe that this account is the new benchmark in how to generate yield on your USD stablecoins. Here’s why:

1. Secured:

Ledn's USDC/T Growth Accounts are designed to fund Ledn's retail loan book. As a result, your stablecoin deposits are collateralized with Bitcoin posted by borrowers, making it a secure way to earn yield on USD stablecoins.

2. Risk mitigation:

All of Ledn's Growth Accounts are ring-fenced, which means you are only exposed to the counterparties that generate your yield. In the unlikely event of a Ledn bankruptcy, your Growth Account will not be affected.

3. Transparency:

The new Growth Accounts provide more visibility into how your yield is generated through a new client dashboard. You can regularly see the collateralization levels and how Ledn uses stablecoin deposits.

4. Client control:

Clients can opt-in and out of yield by moving deposits between Growth Accounts and no-yield Transaction Accounts whenever they want.

5. Trust:

You benefit from Ledn's vetting, underwriting, and risk management policies. As the global leader in crypto lending, you can rely on a safe and secure savings experience.

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Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ledn, stated,

"Your USDC (and eventually USDT) deposits are currently used to fund our bitcoin collateralized retail loan book, which has never experienced a loan loss. When combined with all the safeguards of Ledn Growth Accounts, we anticipate clients lining up to earn our current 8.5% APY. The increased benefits against traditional finance instruments are significant.”


Ledn plans to add USDT to the platform next month and Mauricio teased that other assets may be available in Growth Accounts very soon as well. “We’ve always said that we thoughtfully curate the assets made available to our clients. We’ll never stray from that belief. However, with the introduction of ring-fenced Growth Accounts, we can now address client requests for some more highly liquid and trustworthy assets like USDT.”

To get started earning interest on your USD stablecoins, visit ledn.io to open an account today.

Please read Ledn’s full Risk Disclosure Statement and Disclaimers.