Check your Proof of Reserves in 5 Simple Steps


As a long time customer of Ledn, it makes me feel at ease knowing my balances at Ledn have been verified by a top accounting firm.”
- Dan Held
At Ledn, we believe transparency is critical to how we operate. This is why we invest in solutions like Proof of Reserves to provide peace of mind that Ledn is able to meet all financial obligations to our clients. During this process, we work with a trusted third party accounting firm, Armanino LLP, to assure our clients that all their assets are accounted for. 

If you are a Ledn client and had a balance on July 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST, your balance was automatically and anonymously included in our recent Proof of Reserves attestation. 

To check your Proof of Reserves you must:

1) Log into your Ledn account and head to the bottom of your Dashboard.

2) Then, click the copy button beside your Hashed User ID, under the Reference Number Section

3) Next, to the right, click on the  URL link icon to be redirected to  Armanino’s external website 

4) Click on Check your Balance to validate your balances at Ledn

5) Lastly, enter your Hashed User ID in the first field and hit “Find my Balances”

6) Et voilá 🎉! You have just anonymously checked your balances at Ledn. Thank you for helping us build a more transparent industry! 

We want to continue to set the industry standard when it comes to secure and  transparent operations. Check out the full report on the latest attestation here.


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