Ledn Expands Ring-fenced Growth Accounts to ETH


Akin to Ledn’s other offerings, new ETH Growth Accounts are  ring-fenced, ensuring that clients are only exposed to the counterparties that generate their yield

This week, we announced the expansion of our Growth Accounts, which as of October 12th will offer clients new opportunities to build their digital wealth via Ether (ETH) with an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 2%.

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Instead of the arduous and complex process of manual ETH staking, Ledn customers will be able to easily diversify their earnings in a completely seamless and frictionless fashion. To start earning interest immediately, users can simply transfer ETH to their Growth Accounts, which are also not subject to month-long delays for staking and unstaking their ETH.

In addition to the overall complexity of setting up native ETH staking, Ethereum developers have also recently revealed their plans to disincentivize users from locking up their assets to avoid a situation where the vast majority of ETH on the network is staked — impairing liquidity. One of their strategies to accomplish this goal is to limit the influx of new validators and, potentially, reduce staking rewards in the future.

On the other hand, Ledn users will always remain in control, being able to freely opt-in and out of yields in their asset of choice, knowing that their assets have improved safeguards no matter what happens to Ledn.

Ledn’s innovative account structure offers unparalleled security and flexibility, featuring a unique ring-fencing mechanism that shields clients from the risks associated with other company offerings. This ensures that clients are only exposed to the counterparties that generate their yield, and their assets will not be affected even in the unlikely event of Ledn’s bankruptcy.

The new Growth Accounts also provide more visibility into how the yield is generated through a new client dashboard and enjoy all the benefits of Ledn’s vetting, underwriting, and risk management policies and industry experience.

“Users have been continuously asking us to add Ether, so, in line with our mission to offer only the best and most profitable yield options, we are thrilled to now introduce support for ETH on Ledn’s Growth Accounts,” said Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ledn. “This yield option is significantly easier to set up than native ETH staking. Looking forward, we’re working towards rolling out ETH support across the entire Ledn suite of products in the coming months.”

Hear from Mauricio directly in the video below