Ledn's Open Book Report: August 2023

At Ledn, we're committed to leading and reshaping the digital asset lending industry with transparency and accountability.  As part of this commitment, we do a monthly Open Book report.  Please find August 2023's report below.

Aug 2023 Open Book Report
In this monthly report, Ledn provides details on the current utilization of USDC and BTC assets so that clients can understand how we generate interest for our Growth accounts and offer lower loan interest rates.
Foreward EN
Effective immediately, we are updating the August 2023 Open Book Report to reflect the transition of our Savings experience.  Moving forward, our use of BTC funds will be broken out to reflect the use of retail loan collateral (BTC)  versus BTC Growth account assets.  BTC held in the newly formed Transaction accounts will not be reported on as these funds are held primarily in cold storage, with a certain balance in hot wallets to facilitate operations, including withdrawals.
Use of USDC Funds
Use of USDC Funds as of August 2, 2023
Use of BTC Funds
NEW FORMAT - Use of BTC Funds
Growth Account Assets

As of August 2, 2023

Retail Loan Collateral (BTC)
As of August 2, 2023
Collateralized Lending
As of August 2, 2023
Risk Management Overview
Ledn Risk Management Policies

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